Words From Our Associates

Words From Our Associates

David Walker, Realtor
East Louisville Office

About Our AMP!  Productivity Training Program

"It made me realize yet again the value of being associated with Coldwell Banker McMahan. As I had mentioned before, early in my career I left CBM and went with another large national brokerage here in town. They prided themselves on touting the amount of training they offered. And yes, they did present many learning opportunities. One of the main training sessions available was very similar to the AMP program. Their program, however, like most of their training, cost agents a fairly substantial fee. At CBM, we have AMP along with so many other learning opportunities regularly offered at NO FEE to the agents. It's impressive what the brokerage offers to its associates to help build our business and promote success.
At the other brokerage, there was an extreme turnover in agents simply due to the high-cost of their affiliation. Routine dues, fees and expenses were at every turn.
Thanks again to you and CBM for consistently investing in, and promoting our success!"
Words From Our Associates

Matt Baird, Realtor
Southern Indiana Office

About Our Broker Support 

"I've only been an agent with Coldwell Banker McMahan's Southern Indiana office for about six months, I joined right after I was licensed. Even though I've only been here a short while, I can say without a doubt, that this office, and Coldwell Banker McMahan is an INCREDIBLE place to be! Without the help of my Managing Broker Margie, and the help of the other agents, and staff I would have been lost. Any time I have a question, or need help they are all there to support me! I am so thankful for all that they have done to help me!"
Words From Our Associates

Kathy Bragg, Realtor
Elizabethtown Office

Abour Our Office Culture

"I like Coldwell Banker McMahan because it's like we're a family.  In my office, we are team players, help each other out and support each other.  I also like that we have access to 8 other offices.  Even though I work in E-town, I can reach out to agents and managers in other areas the company serves.  We have all of the perks of a big company, but we're still connected."